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Interactive Simulations

This page contains links to the various interactive simulations available. These include real-world control problems, such as continuous casting and rolling mills from the steel industry.

The simulations are meant to run in real-time (at 25 frames per second), but if you have a slower computer, the simulations will naturally run a bit slowly. However, you can still get the idea of the system's response.

Technical Notes:

  1. I have heard that the simulations run very slowly if your computer only has 16MB of memory, but there are no such problems with 32MB of memory. This problem arises because your browser and the Java Virtual Machine both require large amounts of memory.
  2. The Java applets may take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet link. To attempt to shorten download time, the applets above have been structured such that your browser only has to download 2 Java classes for each example since they are re-used in each step of the example. (i.e. once you have downloaded the Inverted Pendulum classes, you can view all the steps in that tutorial without having to download any more Java classes.) There are several classes used by all the tutorials, but they only have to be downloaded once, since your browser will reuse them.

So, be patient if the applets take a while to download - they're well worth it!

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